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Wichita Veterinary Care Facility
for Cats and Kittens

We are pleased to provide high quality medical services for your cat in a pleasant, low-stress environment. From routine check-ups and preventative medicine, to surgery and critical care, our compassionate team will help ensure your pet lives a happy, healthy life.

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Preventative Medicine

Regular wellness exams are recommended for cats of all ages. Prevent unexpected illnesses and improve quality of life with routine care visits.

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Surgery & Dentistry

Our cat specialty means your pet will benefit from our team’s extensive knowledge and experience related to feline surgery and dental care.

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Our vet clinic provides in-house blood testing, scoping, and x-rays to help determine the cause and severity of your cat’s health problems.

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Meet Our Team

Most veterinarians spend up to 75% of their time with dogs. At the Cat Hospital of Wichita, our focus is only on cats!