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The web offers many great reference sites you may find interesting:

  • Rescue Organizations
    Kansas Humane Society - Cat Tips
  • Pets in Crisis - An Animal Safe-House fostering program.  (view brochure.pdf )
    This program, started by Dr. Jones, helps women being abused at home foster their pet(s) while staying at a Women's shelter. While at the shelter, the animal is placed in a loving home where it will be cared for. (This service is free)

    National statistics show that a great percentage of women will refuse or delay leaving their home due to a pet being left behind with an abuser. The fear being that the abuser will use the animal to continue controlling the victim.

    We coordinate this through the YWCA their web address is www.ywcaofwichita.org. Pets in Crisis does not have a website at this time.