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6130 East Central, Suite 100, Wichita, Kansas 67208    W | 316.686.CATS (2287)   F | 316.686.2380
Comfortable, Safe, Quiet Surroundings

In addition to providing the best in medical care, we are also able to meet your cat’s boarding needs in our comfortable and quiet surroundings.

In our facility, we have the latest styles of boarding kennels that are specifically made for cats. These kennels feature separate spaces within the kennel for litter boxes,  perches for napping, a walk-through that can accommodate up to two cats in one kennel. Some kennels will have angled walls that provide extra privacy for the shy cat. Our boarding area features a floor-to-ceiling window for natural lighting and is in a separate room to protect your cat from sick cats that are being hospitalized.

We do not allow any dogs at the Cat Hospital of Wichita, so you can be assured that your cat will never hear a barking dog. We feel that our boarding area is the quietest, cleanest and most updated kennel in the area.